B47.JPG (98993 bytes) The Boeing B-47 "Stratojet" was America's first operational swept-wing jet bomber. (It didn't see service in the Vietnam war, but was considered.)
B57E.JPG (80894 bytes) This Martin B-57E was one of several versions of the license-built English Electric "Canberra." An early jet-powered medium tactical bomber, this aircraft was quite effective against targets in Laos. This picture clearly shows the rotary bomb bay and wing pylons.
B57K.JPG (81839 bytes) Several B-57Gs were equipped with sensors and equipment that enabled them to work as single-ship hunter-killer aircraft, able to locate targets and attack them with laser-guided bombs. This photo was taken at Ubon in 1970.
B66RTX.JPG (95678 bytes) A B-66 acts as a radar pathfinder for flights of F-105s on a Rolling Thunder mission over North Vietnam.
F105ww.jpg (74130 bytes) Photographed at Korat in 1973, this two-seat F-105G Wild Weasel had the unenviable task of trolling for SAMs, dodging the inevitable missile, and then destroying the site. (So how did your day go?)
F4_GUN_X.JPG (84351 bytes) This F-4D is loaded for bear. A radar-guided AIM-7 "Sparrow" is under the left wingwell and the device on the centerline station is a Vulcan 20mm cannon pod .
F4_SA2_X.JPG (73397 bytes) An RF-4C explodes after being hit by an SA-2 "Guideline" surface-to-air missile.
MIG19.JPG (62092 bytes) The Russian MiG-19 (NATO codename "Farmer") was the first production fighter to achieve supersonic speeds in level flight (although some advocates of the F-100 may dispute that claim). This view clearly shows the twin-engine layout.
MIG21.JPG (64963 bytes) The Soviet MiG-21 (NATO codename "Fishbed") was a high-performance fighter built in greater numbers than any post-World War II jet fighter in the world. (The American F-4 came in second on this one.)
C141A.JPG (39400 bytes) The C-141A was another workhorse from the Lockheed stable. About the size of a contemporary jetliner, it -- like the C-130 -- was purpose-built as a military cargo plane that became a long-lived mainstay. This photo was taken in 1972, long before they were upgraded to the "B"-model (with the addition of in-flight refueling hardware and fuselage-extending plugs fore and aft of the wing).

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